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About ActivateLIVE

ActivateLIVE was created for business owners who are asking the question, “What’s Next”? Our founder Amber the Activator started her experiential marketing company in 2017 and like many people she was confused on actually how to build it. Amber sought mentorship and guidance from various resources but none seemed to get it right. Throughout her journey she bonded with other entrepreneurs who felt like no one “got it” and from there ActivateLIVE was born. ActivateLIVE serves as the go-to for business owners and decision-makers to get to their next Stage of Success. Our goal is to understand the stage of each business owner and provide a tailored roadmap for success through events, resources,  community, and opportunity.

About Amber the Activator


Amber “the Activator” Owens has been in the world of marketing and advertising for over 15 years strategizing and executing profitable campaigns for top Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. She is the founder and CEO of BrandFelt Activation where she helps brands create profitable events that build revenue, attract new clients, and secure brand deals. She is the visionary behind ActivateLIVE where the purpose is to provide opportunity for all to get to their next stage of success in business through resources and services. 

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